Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unusual Tuesday

I was planning to Spring Clean yet another room today but........a knock at the door gave me a reprieve. My eldest grandson, Connor  (13) arrived unexpectedly.

This is Spring Break at the children's school.  The children's "other Gram" had taken all three children to our local roller skating rink this morning.  While there she fell and BROKE her left wrist. Ouch.  The rink sent her to the hospital via ambulance and the children went home with her partner, Michael.  Luckily we live less than a mile away from each other and Connor decided to "take a walk" to our home and let me know what was up. NOTE: I have U-Verse which means more TV channels at my house and they do not have TV at their home.  Needless to say I told Connor to tell Michael to bring them all over to my home (hub was at work and we only have one car so I couldn't go to get them) so he could go be with Susan at the hospital!

Within an hour I had all three.  Ask me how excited I was!!

I took the following picture in the dining room after we colored.  Notice the bike mitts and scarf Phoebe
modeled for me.  If you go back a couple of posts you will read about the pattern.  Aren't they adorable??

Riley (9) and Phoebe (5)

Since their coats were being held hostage in their "other Gram's" car at the rink I found some fleece sweatshirts (adult size unfortunately) and away they went to climb their favorite hemlock tree.

Riley helping Phoebe zip up


Not Birds...Grandchildren!!!

The BEST role of my life is being 
a Grandmother*

*I highly recommend it to EVERY woman


  1. Always a silver lining to every cloud!!

  2. I highly recommend it too. You made some pretty special memories for all.

  3. How lovely that your grandchildren can turn up as a surprise, sound like you had fun!