Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cross Stitch Help

4 things every cross stitcher should know
As seen in Cross Stitcher
Cross stitching, like everything else, is a learning curve. We've asked some pro stitchers to tell us the clever tricks they've picked up over the years. Read on to discover what they wish they'd known before they first picked up a needle. Prepare to be inspired!
Even with all the good advice in the world it's impossible to get things perfect first time, and it can take a lot of trial and error to work out the best methods for you. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves along the way! Half the fun of stitching is experimenting with different techniques and ways of doing things,
• "Always use an embroidery hoop or frame even if your project is very small. Your stitching tension will be so much better and you'll have something firm to hold on to as you work, meaning you don't need to handle the fabric with your fingers so much.”
Debbie Cripps, designer
• "I wish I'd known sooner about the 'using three strands when working on coloured fabric' rule. I didn't realise how much intense-coloured fabrics suck the colour out of your threads. Three strands makes all the difference!”
Emily Peacock, designer
• “I've learned to always work in really good light and use a thread sorter if possible. This is important with designs that have similar shades of one colour. I know I've come back to my stitching the morning after on a few occasions only to find that parts have been stitched in the wrong shade! A thread sorter saves a lot of unpicking.”
Joanne Sanderson, designer 
• “I wish I'd known more about handling metallic threads. I've found that knotting them to your needle really helps. Loop the thread and pass the ends through the eye of your needle and back through the loop. It makes everything stress-free!”
Nina Jackson, stitched

I adore Cross Stitcher Magazine ....that is the one that is always encased in a plastic slip so you canNOT look through it before you purchase it (Yuck!), it is published in GB and it is really pricey. Many times I simply do not have the price !

The Making Spot however is an online arm of Cross Stitcher that is emailed to you and  gives you the opportunity to purchase individual projects found in Cross Stitcher.  Sometimes it even gives you FREE advice.  That is what I have reposted above.  I hope there is a tip there that will help you...I found TWO that will help me. Who knew to use 3 strands on colored backgrounds?  Not me.

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