Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainbow Scarf and Mitts

Despite the sunshine and record high temperature today wasn't the happiest of days for me.  I keep myself in check by reciting, "this too shall pass".  One way I try to brighten my day is to go to my long - and getting longer every week - list of blogs.  There is no end to the creation I find on these blogs. There are so many incredibly gifted sewers, stitchers, embroiderers, knitters, etc., etc.  AND there are so many tutorials.  Today I'd like to introduce to one of my favorites: Green Dragon Fly on Wordpress. Here is her address:

When I was in California recently my sweet Piper girl was constantly drawing and coloring Rainbows. Rainbows are currently her favorite subject.  So...when I saw this tutorial today I nearly jumped for joy:

                                             Rainbow Scarf and Mitts

I have maybe two hours of housework to do in the am and then I am going to plunk myself down with my cotton yarn supply, watch The View, and make Miss Piper a set.  Did I say JUST Miss Piper...well I could try that BUT  Miss Natalie would feel VERY left behind so I will start with one set and then proceed to make a second, slightly more petite set for Natalie L (as she likes to me called).

Have I told you recently how much I adore my little California granddaughter...I have?  Oh well it never hurts to emphasize things right?
                                                                        The End


  1. Way to be Linda :-)
    Hey, I like your model! She looks marvelous in her rainbow scarf and mitts :o)

  2. LOVE it, Ms. Linda!! Can't wait to see the scarf sets for those beautiful 'grands' of yours! Great job on the Blog!!

  3. You will have so much fun making the scarfs for both of them. Enjoy!