Monday, March 5, 2012


What a fun party. Eloise (opps, I mean Piper) had the BEST time ever.  Nearly all of her Room 4 friends were there.  There was a bouncy castle, arts and crafts, pizza, and cupcakes topped with bows and the number 6 and even the outfit that Eloise always wears.  After all of that there was free play in the huge gym at the Youth Center of San Carlos.

Miss P greeted all arriving guests with the biggest wave and Hi......... and from that point on was just the sweetest hostess, making sure each of her guests had the best time at her Plaza.

Piper...nearly "Eloise" Mommy makes last minute adjustments...yes Mommy did make the outfit..

"Eloise" pulling her favorite friend "Johnny" from SPNS Pre School.

Oh Yummm..Natalie loves her some Chocolate Cupcake!!

Can you believe these adorable cupcakes with Eloise's outfit on them?

"Eloise" and her Mommy consult....


Sitting on the bleachers at the end of a lots of athletic play...three tired ladies!!

Of course her little sister Natalie was in attendance and kept right up there with all the almost and newly sixes.  There seems little that this child cannot do..and do well.  She is a total delight and was so happy for her Big sister.

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