Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning !

Trying so hard to just take it one room at a time...but that NEVER works out..I mean you start to clean one room and then that leads to another and then suddenly you are way over your head and you have to just say "Hault! I need a rest. 

So...during one of those rest periods I made a new mouse..her name is Emma (after what my children called my Mom instead of Gramma).  She is different because she wears a straw bonnet instead of a stuffed fabric hat.

                                   Emma: A Country Shopper

Emma has filled her tiny basket full of today's freshest brown and white eggs, a lovely twisted bread and of course a wedge of cheese.  In her hand she carries another wedge of cheese.  I'm wondering if that wedge is really going to make it home or if by chance it will be nibbled upon before she gets there!

                                               Be back soon!


  1. oh, I just love this little mouse! she is so petite and pretty! love the hat!


  2. Now how cute is that mouse? Such darling mice you make.