Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Done!!

As you know I've been making two little Easter dresses for my California granddaughters.

The pattern I picked out - YES.... it was ME who chose it...was just adorable.  I mean the flounce in the front just screamed Natalie Bryna Levinson - oh so sassy.

I wanted both of the girls to have the same dress.  I wanted them to pick their favorite color though. So Miss Natalie's is Lime Green and Miss Piper's is HOT Pink.

I really really really thought (or maybe I just prayed) that the second dress would be a bit easier.  You know I would at least have done it already and I would have learned a thing or two.  NO WAY. For some reason the second dress (hot pink) was made of a fabric that must have been left over from making sails on a boat.  I mean the weave was so tight that each time my sewing machine needle pursed it, it almost "popped".  Then there was the fact that since it was princess styled there were three pieces to the front, four to the back and THEN it had to be lined with just as many pieces AGAIN.

Well...I 3am on Wednesday morning.  I mailed it later in the same day to get it to San Carlos by Friday so that my daughter could hem it.  I had already hemmed the lining (or slip) part.

It was so hard to "stuff" that dress into a box and put it in the hands of the USPS.

Here is the picture I took just before packaging it up:

The only thing  missing is the rose that will be sewn on the top of the flounce by Piper's Mom. I have to clean the more excuses.  Yuck.

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