Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Snow

On November 7th before noon the flakes began to fall.

What is it about that first snowfall?  The beautiful flakes gather and coat all the brown of fall.

Everything looks so white, so clean, so beautiful.

When we first came to 18 Hayes Avenue there was not even one evergreen tree.  I was so  disappointed.  Why?  Because at our last house at 10 Hayes Avenue (yep, that's a whole other story) we had the most wonderful cardinal couple that visited us every year.  Cardinals love evergreens. No cardinals.  So... I had to visit a local farm where you could dig up evergreens at a very reasonable price and plant them in your yard.  I dug up a DOZEN.  That was the easy part.
Digging the holes for the trees in our yard was a CHORE.

Thank godness I was in my late 30's at the time. I still had energy.  The result?  Yep. The cardinals have come back EVERY year since and they brought friends.  Now I get to watch THREE couples.

After the snow fell it was so much easier to spot these beautiful male birds and their somewhat less easy to spot mates. I love it when they land on a wispy feathery branch and a bit of the snow falls off.

As so much of my life is still in chaos I am trying to concentrate on the beautiful things in life that are free and joyful.  I know there are so many.  Each day I am trying to find one.

Look for joy today.  It's out there and some of it is free.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I wish we had cardinals here but have to enjoy the woodpeckers and scarlet finches that stop by our bird feeder every winter.
    Hope you have a great day,

  2. We have beautifully bright goldfinches here in Washington, and the chickadees and hooded marlots even hang around. Winter is the most beautiful time to see them all as they really show up in the snow!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Linda!