Monday, October 15, 2012


I enjoy reading blogs.
Reading them make me feel happy.
I am always amazed at those blogs that have continuity.
You know.
Bloggers blog EVERY darn day or so.
They blog when they are happy.
They blog when they are sad.
They blog whether or not they can pay the mortgage.
They blog whether or not they have family problems.
I wonder.
I wonder how they do it.
I admire them.
Then I begin to wonder what is wrong with me.
Why do I want to hide when things aren't going well.
Where did my courage go.
Do I need to visit the Wizard?
I am just baffled.
Do you ever get baffled?
How do you get "unbaffled"?
Are you willing to share?
I love reading blogs.
They make me feel happy.


  1. Oh Linda...I can SO relate! I really don't blog too much on the negative side, since I worry that it takes away from the excitement of reading a blog. But I recently did get caught up in reading a very well written blog by someone who was experiencing the loss of a child. Don't know why, but it really struck me that this person could share so much of themselves to the virtual world.

    I do have to say that experiencing both the good and the not-so-good times of a blogger really does humanize them. I sometime wonder just how some of these folks can be so positive all the time...are they for real?

    Now, finding something really interesting to write...that's the real challenge, and I think you've stated it so well. You've reached out, and you should know that there are MANY people who are here for you listening, reading, and enjoying your stories! Big hugs to you, friend!


  2. Hi Linda,
    I will go with you to the Wizard...that could be a very FUN trip!!
    "Baffled" is my middle name just so you know.
    Hang in there together we can get through the rough times!
    Enjoy today!

  3. Hi Linda :) These gals put it nicely. With me, you get what you read... lol. Some may find it boring, interesting, or eclectic. It does help to share with others, whether it's pleasure or pain. You can gain a lot of support, encouragement and inspiration from folks. Then there's the Lord, he'll listen too :)

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