Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Again and Christmas in July on ETSY!!

Yes. It certainly has been a long long time since I posted.

My husband Rick and I will be leaving for Cape Cod this coming Sunday.  Our daughter and her family from San Carlos, CA will be spending two weeks in Chatham and we've been invited to visit them there.  Miss Piper and Miss Natalie will be the main attraction. We simply can not wait. Once or twice a year is not enough time to be with these two little ones....  I've been purchasing and packing for weeks. There was a small wading pool and some boats and pontoon planes to go in it to purchase. Then of course there were art supplies in case of a raining day to round up. I've also made the girls some special "Grammie" gifts which I hope they will love.  I promise to take as many pictures as they will allow..and yes..I will of course share them with you.


BUT...before I leave for this blissful little visit I wanted to tell you about my FIRST SALE EVER.
Yes...that is correct.  I will be offering a 15% Discount on each of my Christmas Ornament Mice from the 14th of July until the end of the month.  They will be in their usual place under the CHRISTMAS Section in my Etsy Shop:  http://www.Warmth.Etsy.Com.

Just think you can get some of your "gift giving" and "tree trimming" out of the way early this year and save a little so you might treat yourself to a few items on Etsy for yourself!
Gift Giver
On a Trike
Christmas Cookie Baker

Just a few of the many
   Mice on Sale from
          July 14 -31


  1. Oh boy, a visit with the grand babies. I'm sure they'll have a blast with their grammie:)
    Wonderful Christmas in July sale mousies. Perfect for the tree.

  2. You have a great time with the Grand Kids. Tuck you little Mice into their beds so they are safe when you away. I'm sure you will sell lots of meecie mouses.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Your visit sounds like a great deal of fun!!
    Love your Christmas in July sale going on!
    Enjoy your time away!

  4. Enjoy your vacation Linda with those little ones.
    Love all your Christmas Mice


  5. The Christmas mice are adorable =)