Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheeky Nattie

Remember a while back I told you I was knitting a pair of fingerless "mitts" for my Piper girl. She is a rainbow lover and so I did them in rainbow colors and crocheted a long narrow scarf to go with the mitts.

You see Piper has a scooter which is rarely not under one of her sneakers...she loves it.  The thought of watching her scoot up her street wearing her rainbow mitts and scarf just made me happy.

I can never bring myself to send a handmade item to just one of the California ladies so I had to make something for  my Cheeky Nattie...I did.  I made her a little blue Swedish sweater and did a bit of trim on the bottom and sleeve edges.

I wrapped each gift in hot pink tissue and into the mailer bag they went.
On the day the envelope arrived Miss Piper was at a play date so Nattie got to see the gifts first.  Needless to say she decided to try EVERYthing on.

As I mentioned yesterday we are on our way to see Ms Piper and Ms Natalie this coming Sunday.

I have decided that Cheeky Nattie needs her OWN mitts and scarf so I am doing them both in her favorite lime green.  You see in the girls' world everyone must have a favorite color..and Nattie's is

I mean...look at that face....tell me you wouldn't count the days to see it in person..


  1. O how cute Linda !! And the model is adorable also!

  2. Cutest ever and you are such a wonderful Grandma. Your work is outstanding.