Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simple Sunday

It's not sunny here today.  It is not warm.  I should be complaining about the lack of both...but I am not. I am happy with the day just as it is.

A good friend asked me to breakfast.  I mean how many days has it been since you had a pancake stuffed with whip cream, peaches,and strawberries?  It had been a very long time for me.  I guess that's why it tasted so yummy.  The conversation and decaf were excellent as well.

Next came a visit from my granddaughter Phoebe who wanted to show me her new toy.  It was probably the last toy I would have selected for her.  It was a toy SHE selected all by herself.  If  Phoebe had an alternate name it would be "all by myself".  She has been the most independent of all of my grandchildren since the day she was born.  As soon as she could walk she completely dressed herself...I mean you should have seen some of the "unique" combinations of clothing Phoebe came up with.  Well you are probably wondering just what the toy was that Phoebe selected.  It was a doll's head with platinum blond hair and four tubes of coloring with which to "paint" her hair...including one to put sparkles in as well. My first thought was to say "Yuck".  But I didn't I just thought it while I happily helped Phoebe cut all those awful wires and tape that held the "head" securely in the packaging. I smiled. I complimented her choice and I simply shared her joy. I surrendered my "judgement" and what joy I was able to feel.

Try this strategy out sometime.....I wish you the same joy I felt.

                           I'll be back tomorrow with a fun post...I promise you.


  1. Good on you, Grandma, that was the right thing to do .... and she'll remember it.

  2. What a little beauty she is. So good to read your happiness Linda :o) I've been in those same situations where we just gotta let that urge go to make their decisions for them, no matter that we mean well.