Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family and Cape Cod

Each year in the month of July our daughter Jessika and her family fly from their home in San Carlos, CA to Cape Cod for a two week vacation. The first week they invite my husband and me to visit.  It is always something we look forward to. We get to "live" with our two little granddaughters for an entire week.     Ah JOY!

                              Natalie                      Piper

Photos of the girls receiving their "wings" from their JetBlue pilot -  IN THE COCKPIT no less!!

This year was extra special for me.  Piper, age 7, really wanted to learn to sew on a "real" sewing machine.  I found a really pretty fabric from Timeless Treasures with really brightly colored beach umbrellas on it.  It had all the colors Piper looks so lovely in: hot pink, lime green, bright aqua and bright yellow.

I did the "cutting out" and she did the sewing.  She was so proud of herself and I was so honored to watch her grow before my eyes.

The day we left for home Piper, Natalie, and their parents visited the Chatham Library and Piper selected a cookbook.  She wanted to make a special dessert for her parents....ladybugs from strawberries, grapes, and chocolate chips.  Adorable.

Chatham 2013 was awesome.

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