Monday, April 1, 2013

I So Wish I Had Some Great News...

Rick is still in the hospital.

Fighting an infection in his incision.

Infectious Disease (sounds scarey doesn't it?) wants him to receive intravenous antibiotics for another six weeks.  The VA - Rick's only prescription insurance - will not pay for it. Medicare will but he must remain in a hospital or "care facility" (the politically correct name these days for a nursing home). No way I said will I send him there.  He has already stopped eating because the food is so poor here.  He is not prompted to get up and walk every two hours during the day. Lord knows what kind of care he'd receive somewhere else.  He NEEDS to be sent home.  He needs yummy food and someone who cares enough to get him off his butt and up getting the exercise his new heart needs.

I have tried so hard to stay be so grateful that he made it through the surgery and that the "big one" is no longer a treat.  Sadly though so many many other worries now fill my days.  Word to the Wise:  Don't get old without excellent health care insurance.  One illness will drown you.

I pray constantly for just one little bit of matter how small.  I find myself trying to find any little thing that will make me feel hopeful.

I know there is sunshine somewhere.  I just know it.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going as well as you'd hoped. Since your hubby needs the antibiotics - what if he went to the nursing home since it's just for 6 weeks and you made sure that you were there every day to have him up and walking, bring him nourishing food, etc ... just might be the solution so he can get those meds. Perhaps all you need is to find another way through the forest. ♥

  2. I am continuing prayers and good thoughts and energy your way Linda. There is always darkness before the sun-shines. The hard part is just reminding yourself the sun will come.
    Do everything you can to encourage your husband to move and eat no matter where he ends up. This is what he needs to do to get better and use his new heart!!
    Thinking of both of you always,