Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Better Day by Day

So most of you know my husband Rick has had triple by-pass open heart surgery....on March 11th he became one of the "Zipper Society". The surgery was a complete success and he is now home recuping.  I still can't believe someone opened up his chest and made his unhealthy heart healthy again...I mean how much of a miracle is that?

As soon as it was decided that the surgery was to take place our daughter Jessika packed her bag, packed one for her littlest daughter Natalie as well and they boarded a night flightto "help her Dad" get through this major surgery.

It meant leaving her eldest daughter, Piper Jolie Welcome Levinson, age seven (March 4th) at home with her Dad,  Peter.  Each day Peter made a collage and put it up on Facebook so Jess could see and share their day:

Today's Piper's favorite holiday. What to do? Make a leprechaun trap! The leprechaun didn't fall for it, but he did leave a note. (The pot of gold on top is actually a trap door.)

It's Pizza Friday!! On top of that, P got an awesome lego set from Grammy and set right to work. Quick break to pick up the pizza and then right back to it until it was all done. The little cat in the set is now named Taylor. The bird started off as Chirps, but later became Katie because the bird is a girl. (And Chirps is apparently a well known boy's name in the bird world?)

Now I ask many Dad's would do this?  PT Levinson is a one in a millionhusband, Dad, and son-in-law.

Here is what it looked like when Jess and Natalie arrived home Tuesday, March 19th.

All together now. :)

I loved sharing this lovely story with you all.  I am a very lucky Mom!

See you all shortly.  I have compression stockings to put on, a heart-healthy meal to prepare, and some meds to dispense.  Mouse-making is on hold for now....



  1. What cute pictures. You have a wonderful family!!! Such cute little girls!! Hope hubby is recuberating nicely and your taking care of yourself too!!

  2. Aww, how cute is that. What a wonderful daddy. Your family is so full of love. It's so inspiring to see that in this world today. Thanks for sharing with us Linda :) You take good care of yourself and your hubby.

  3. Linda,
    It is a miracle for your hubby!! Happy to hear he is home recuperating!
    I love that you had family with you and what a picture perfect loving family!! Just to fun and cute.
    Take care both of you...always in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. So happy to hear that you hubby is and your's have been in my prayers.

    Thanks for sharing the pics...what a sweet family.


  5. I enjoyed all your pictures Linda :D